Machining and Fabrication

We have over 30 years of experience in Fort McMurray, not to  mention the largest and most established machine shop in Northern Alberta. We deliver a wide range of solutions for the  oil sands industry with the capabilities  to engineer, fabricate and install projects of all sizes.

Our Machining and Fabrication services are provided in conjunction with our partner Empire Industries Ltd., one of the largest companies in Western Canada providing steel solutions for complex and large-scale structural projects. Drawing resources from Empire’s subsidiary companies, we have the capability to tackle the largest, most complicated and challenging steel projects in any industry.


ACE Industrial Services is registered with Comply Works, ISNET, Can-qual/ Pic’s and COR certified.


All projects will include turnover documentation including: CWB cert, ITP, WPS/WPDS, MTR’s (material and weld consumable materials), NDE reports, welder certs, weld mapping (if required) and machine calibrations.

Material handling

  • Two (2) 10-ton overhead cranes
  • Six ton counterbalance forklifts
  • Cat 988 loader with pipe grapple
  • 20,000 lb Forklift

Maximum capacities for fabrication

  • CWB Certified
  • ABSA Certified
  • TIG (Tungston Inert Gas) Welding – up to 175 amp
  • MIG (Metal Inert Gas) Shield – 800 amp
  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control) oxy fuel cutting table with two (2) cutting heads at 72’ x 144’
  • Plate rolls – up to .5” x 8’
  • Bore welders – up to 25”
  • Press brake – up to 25-ton
  • Plasma cutting in stainless steel – up to 1.5”
  • 10 ton Ironworker
  • (2) Bansaw
  • (6) Portable welding rig


  • Conveyor/hopper/sizer components
  • Module construction
  • Stick built building construction
  • Tower support steel
  • Equipment support stands
  • Pipe anchors/supports/guides
  • Walkways
  • Platform ladders
  • Embed steel components
  • Mono rail cranes & support steel
  • HVAC support steel
  • Retrofit existing building
  • Blast proof building (structural)


Installation of above mentioned components using certified riggers, steel fabricators and welders. Acden ACE also have the capability to erect pre-engineered buildings, HD over head crane bridges/rails and heavy lift crew for the install of modules, involved directly with crane groups to create safe lift procedures including plant lifts.

Third party support

All NDE requirements (visual testing, magnetic testing, magnetic testing, ultrasonic testing, radiography, positive material) will be completed by a CWB/site certified company. Blasting and painting requirements will be provided by a NACE certified group including mill thickness reports, material MTR’s and company certification. All transportation of materials to site will be  third party.


Duwayne Burrows  |  ACE Industrial Services
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