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None of the LCCP would be of any effect if the Commission did not enforce both the licence conditions and the social responsibility provisions of codes of practice. Mr McArthur, the CEO, told us: “It is not our job to be the industry’s friend. We are the regulator of the industry. If there is any doubt about it, there should not be. We are on the side of consumers; we want to make gambling fair and safe for consumers. Therefore, we will regulate firmly. If there are compliance failings, we will take enforcement action that is firm but fair to drive up standards. That does not mean you need to be in a completely adversarial relationship with the industry

I would like to think that our relationship is an appropriate one, whereby they know that, if there are failings, we will be firm and fair about that and then, if lessons are not learned and standards do not rise, our approach will get tougher.”246 218. It is beyond doubt that until relatively recently the use made by the Commission of its power to fine operators in breach of the LCCP was totally inadequate. The total of the penalties imposed in 2016–17 was a derisory £1.7 million.

However, in June 2017 the Commission issued a new Licensing, compliance and enforcement under the Gambling Act 2005: policy statement,247 since when it has made a rather more proactive use of its powers. It has also started to issue annual reports on its use of the enforcement powers, with the dual purpose of encouraging operators to comply with the rules and explaining what happens when they fail to do so.


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