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Horizon North Awarded Canada's Safest Employer

We are proud to announce that Horizon North has been awarded Silver standing for Canada’s Best Health and Safety Culture, the top category at the annual Canada’s Safest Employers awards. Rod Graham, President and Chief Executive Officer, and Bill Anderson, Executive VP, QHSE, were on hand to receive the award in Toronto last night.

This award marks the fifth year in a row that Horizon North has been recognized with Gold or Silver standing by Canada’s Safest Employers:

  • 2019 – Silver Standing – Health and Safety Culture

  • 2018 – Gold Standing – Manufacturing Category

  • 2017 – Gold Standing – Hospitality Category

  • 2016 – Silver Standing – Hospitality Category

  • 2015 – Silver Standing – Hospitality Category

This type of recognition wouldn’t be possible without hard work and commitment to our culture of safety. Many of our team members go to work every day in environments where taking the time to do things safely is paramount: on the road, out in the field, or working in our manufacturing facilities and remote lodges. Your efforts to keep yourself and others out of harm’s way are a significant reason why we are being celebrated with this award.

Our ultimate safety goal as a company is to achieve and maintain incident and injury free operations. We are not there yet, but this award is an affirmation of your work to ensure that our team can be safe each day they come to work at Horizon North.

Thank you for the effort you put into safety each day that you are on the job. As part of the awards process, Canada’s Safest Employers created a video that profiles our Health and Safety Culture.

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