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Acden Horizon North
Full Camp and Catering Services 

Acden Horizon North (part of Dexterra Group) offers full camp accommodation and catering services structured to meet your project needs. 

Camp Services & Camp Facilities

  • Camp Catering & Customized Menu Selections

  • Janitorial Services

  • Installation, Removal and Transportation Services

  • Operational Services


Camp Management & Administration

  • Reception/Customer Service

  • Administration Support

  • Hospitality

  • Accommodation Software


Maintenance Services

  • Garbage Collection and Disposal

  • Snow Removal and Grading

  • Lawn Care and Gardening

  • Water and Wastewater Services

Access Matting

  • Full-service solutions for safe, reliable, and eco-friendly

   access to project sites year-round

  • Premium fir and hardwood three-ply mats available

  • A team of experts that understand what meets your needs

Relocatable Structures 

  • Temporary work spaces, lavatories, multi-unit complexes

  • We rent, sell, deliver and install the structures you need,

   no matter the project size or location 

Contact Us:

Ahren Engelbracht

Sales Associate, Workforce Accommodations, Forestry, and Energy Services


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