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Acden Tech Sonic
Specialized Ultrasonic Industrial Cleaning

Looking for industrial cleaning or green cleaning solutions?

Acden Tech Sonic is a world leader in the innovative use of safe, ultrasonic cleaning technologies that remove heavy oils, bitumen, grease and other refinery-grade contaminants from large and small scale processing equipment.

So what exactly is ultrasonic cleaning? Equipment large and small is submerged into vessels filled with an environmentally friendly, aqueous based cleaning solution. What sets our process apart is the patented cleaning technology that allows ultra-sonic sound wave cleaning to reach interspatial areas that other methods (such as high pressure cleaning alone) simply cannot.

Industrial clients: Please contact us to discuss how we can make your next turnaround more time and cost effective. We clean critical process components; items large and small from heat exchangers to scaffolding.  We can also clean ON-SITE!






Contact Us:


Tim Rasko




68 Liberty Road
Sherwood Park, AB  T8H 2J6

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