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Acden Vertex

Environmental Consulting,

Metal Building, Acoustics & Insulation Blankets

Acden Vertex’s team of professionals ensure the safe, efficient and environmentally compliant operation and completion of your project within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Our dedicated team has worked on a variety of projects within Oil & Gas, Oil Sands, Drilling and Government sectors ensuring that each project is completed safely, on time and on budget.

Our Services:

  • Environmental Consulting

             - Assessment & Remediation

             - Monitoring & Reclamation

             - Wildlife & Aquatics

             - Geophysics & Remote Sensing

             - Air Quality

             - Facility & Pile Decommissioning

             - Research & Development

  • Removable Insulation Blankets, Utilidor & Tracer Wrap

  • Metal Buildings & Acoustics

             - Self-Frame Metal Buildings

             - Rigid-Frame Metal Buildings

             - Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

             - Acoustical Enclosures

             - Building Repair, Maintenance and Retrofit Services

             - Noise Management

  • Drilling Waste Services

             - On-Site Segregated Rig Bins​

             - Cement Bins

Environmental Consulting

Buildings & Acousitcs


Removable Insulation Blankets, Utilidor & Tracer Wrap



Contact Us:

Erin Smith | Business Development Lead, Environmental 

780-803-7808 |

Rob Davis | General Manager, Construction 

780-464-3295 |


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