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ACFN Prostar
Well Servicing Rigs

ACFN Prostar is a partnership between the industry leader in fully automated well servicing rigs, Prostar Energy, and the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN). ACFN Prostar is the world’s first proven automated well servicing company.


Based in the heart of Alberta’s Oil Sands industry, ACFN Prostar is producing service rigs that solve some of the most challenging problems for oil producers.


Did you know? ACFN Prostar's SRR SWIFT servicing rig features fully automated controls that allow it to be operated by a single trained operator. 

Rig Specification Highlights

  • Ability to push and rotate pipe

  • Patented 100-ton top drive

  • PRESS well control technology

  • Automated pipe handling - reducing injury risk
















Contact Us:

Dale Dusterhoft

President & CEO


Prostar Rig Specifications - Automated Mobile Single Rig - SWIFT.jpg
ACFN Prostar-cropped.jpg
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