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May 16 Update

Good evening everyone,


Below is this evening's update from the RMWB. This weekend we will switch to distributing one update a day as there hasn’t been a lot of new information released in the past 24 hours.


Should the situation escalate we will increase our frequency. The update we will distribute will be the evening one as it provides a summary of the day.


May 16, 2024 6:30 p.m. update


  • MWF017 is classified as out of control at 19,820 hectares. The size reduction is due to a more accurate scan of the wildfire perimeter.

  • As of 6:30 p.m. today, the closest point of the fire remains about 5.5 km from the Fort McMurray landfill and 4.5 km from the intersection of highways 63 and 881.

  • There was limited growth on the wildfire today. Rain showers helped lower fire activity and allowed firefighters to make good progress. More rain is expected overnight and tomorrow.

  • Firefighters worked on building a containment line today and heavy equipment continued to work on fire guards to the southwest of Fort McMurray.

  • There are 172 firefighters, 22 helicopters and 57 pieces of heavy equipment currently assigned to the wildfire.

  • Firefighters have completed structure protection in the Abasand, Prairie Creek and Beacon Hill neighbourhoods, as well as on the Rickards Landing Industrial Park, Gregoire Lake Estates and Gregoire Lake 176.




  • Reminder: A fire ban was implemented on May 15 in the urban service area of Fort McMurray to mirror the fire ban and OHV restriction enacted within the Forest Protection Area by Alberta Wildfire. 

  • Pre-suppression and structural protection efforts have completed 4.5km of ground applied retardant (168 000L) and laid 4.9km of 12” water lines with water cannons in interface areas and the highway corridor as of May 16

  • For information for evacuees, including mental health resources, please visit


Trusted sources of information

  • During an emergency, it is crucial to follow trusted information sources such as and Alberta Wildfire.  

  • For the latest evacuation alerts, visit For the most trusted and recent wildfire information, download the Alberta Wildfire App or visit  

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