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Igniting a spark

Acden's Business Development Manager, Mitch Mercredi was recently recognized for his contributions to the Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurship Program in Syncrude's 2017 Pathways magazine.

This annual program, held at Father Mercredi High School, teaches students about aspects of a business, such as the ways it functions, its role in Canadian society, opportunities it generates for individuals and Aboriginal communities and its impact on people’s lives.

A national program started by former Prime Minister Paul Martin, it has proven enormously successful due to access to successful community mentors.

Mitch has been volunteering as a program mentor for the last five years. As a Father Mercredi graduate himself, Mitch knows how important it is to give back to our future graduates. "My goal is to ignite that spark in them and help them understand what it takes to be successful. It's very rewarding for me - I value the opportunity to watch and guide these young minds as they find their entrepreneurial spirits" says Mitch. To read the full article click here>.

To learn more about all of the ways that Acden gives back to our community click here>.

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