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How Acden Base Operators Supports Education Through Donations

When you buy a snack or a drink at an oil sands aerodrome operated by Acden Base Operators, you’re not just fueling up for your flight, you’re supporting a great cause as well.


Each December, Acden Base Operators (ABO) donates 10% of their annual vending machine sale proceeds to the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation’s (ACFN) Post-Secondary Education Program. This program provides financial assistance to ACFN members wishing to attend a post-secondary institution. In December 2023, ABO donated $2,000 to the program.


“Acden Base Operators is proud to contribute to this important educational program for ACFN members,” says Lee Chislett, ABO Site Manager. “We are proud of the benefits that our partnership with Acden provides for ACFN members in Fort Chipewyan and beyond. This vending machine donation project is a great way for us to give back to the community, and we look forward to increasing our donations year-over-year.”


“We would like to thank Acden Base Operators for their generous donations to our Post-Secondary Education Program thus far,” says Michelle Voyageur, ACFN’s Chief of Operations. “The Post-Secondary Education Program provides crucial funding for our members to pursue their education, and we are grateful to Acden Base Operators for making these annual contributions.”


Information about this donation program will appear in the terminal alongside stickers on the vending machines themselves.


To learn more about Acden Base Operators, visit


About Acden Base Operators

Acden Base Operators is a limited partnership between Canadian Base Operators, a Black & McDonald affiliated company, and Acden, the 100% community-owned business of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation. The partnership was founded in 2020 and currently operates an aerodrome on behalf of their client, a major oil producer.


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