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Acden Supports Spring Community Cleanup

Scrap metal, spare tires and industrial signage – all items recovered from the Taiganova Eco-Industrial Park during Acden’s participation in the Spring Community Cleanup Program hosted by the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) on Thursday morning.

With the recent accelerated transition from freezing Winter to raging Summer, the RMWB finds itself in a predicament when the snow melts to reveals a sea of fly-away garbage that’s been under cover for several months. That’s where the community comes in.

Acden volunteered over ten staff members equipped with supplies provided by the RMWB to clean the area surrounding Acden Corporate Headquarters. Sixteen garbage bags were collected and disposed of by Acden Environment which offer premium waste, recycling and environment solutions to the region.

Leading by example, we encourage everyone in the RMWB to get involved in the Spring Community Cleanup.

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