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The Success of Our Employees

At Acden, we know that our people are our greatest asset.

Without the commitment and dedication of our team members we would never be where we are today. This is why we’ve decided to speak directly with employees to hear more about their experiences at Acden. Next is our conversation with Koady – read on to learn more about his career journey.

Full Name: Koady Murray

Starting Position: Labourer, Ultrasonic Technician

Current Position: Operations & Safety Coordinator

When did you start with Acden?: I started with Tech Sonic prior to the partnership with Acden back in 2010 and was employed until 2012. I came back to Acden Tech Sonic in July of 2014.

What was your career path to get where you are now? I started fresh out of high school as a labourer in 2010 still unsure of my future career path and worked my way into the Team Lead position. With the dedication and training offered by my management I completed my National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) designation and was offered a position in operations of the company.

Can you share your thoughts on Acden as a company, overall? Acden has provided me the opportunity to grow within the company, share my ideas and provide for myself and family. When I left in 2012 to seek a different field of work, I didn’t have the same connection or attitude as when I was working with Acden. The people, the comfort, the benefits, the personal resources and the community involvement that Acden offers make it easy to want to continuously improve and put in all my efforts while working.

What are the main services offered by your current business unit? Industrial ultrasonic cleaning to remove heavy oils, bitumen, grease and other refinery-grade contaminants from large and small processing equipment. We clean components such as pumps, heat exchangers, scaffolding, filters, valves and insulation pads. These environmentally cleaning methods provides our clients with cost savings and time.

What do you like most about your role? Being able to put a plan in motion with our team and see that plan execute accordingly. I enjoy not being stationary and having to be in different work environments with the daily changing scope of work. I enjoy being hands on in the field one minute and taking care of operational, safety and client interaction duties the next.

What is your favorite thing about Acden? The diversity of people, resources and business groups.

Can you share a funny work related story or success you have either experienced or witnessed within the company? Acden Tech Sonic was the recipient of the 2017 Alberta Construction Safety Association Trailblazer Award and currently 5 years LTI free.

Interested in a career with Acden? Check out our Careers Page.

Want to learn more about our service offerings? Please visit our Services Page.

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