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Acden Achieves Certification as 100th Alberta Living Wage Network Employer!

Alberta Living Wage Employer text underneath a teal icon representing a person's head and shoulders

Acden has officially been certified as an Alberta Living Wage Network employer. Becoming a Living Wage employer signifies our commitment to ensuring that all our employees receive a wage that is greater than or equal to the regional “living wage”.

“Paying a living wage to our employees is more than just ‘doing the right thing,’ it’s also an essential step to promoting employee well-being, continued job satisfaction, and overall mental health. Acden strives to provide employment that supports skill building, confidence, and career development while maintaining economic and personal well-being. Overall, paying a living wage aligns with Acden’s corporate values, improves employee satisfaction and personal well-being, and positively impacts individuals and society as a whole,” says Natalie Castro-Gentili, General Manager of Administrative Services for Acden. 

This achievement is a part of our ongoing commitment to creating a positive work environment and sustainable workforce.

For more information about the Alberta Living Wage Network and this achievement visit:




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