The Strategic Service Partner

Our humble beginnings:  Now, one of Canada’s largest Aboriginal corporations, Acden began as a labour services company consisting of one truck and ten employees. Since its inception, our corporation has grown steadily and now encompasses 20 companies and 2,000 employees.

Trees Up to Trees Up

From 'trees up to trees up', Acden provides the essential services for the planning, construction, maintenance and reclamation of Alberta's Oil Sands.


This phase begins with the initial exploration of the land. This includes surveying, GIS mapping, identifying the flora and fauna and conducting environmental testing required to return the land to its original value when projects are completed.


Once planning is complete, the construction phase begins where the necessary infrastructure is built to bring the Oil Sands project to life. 


This is a multi-faceted phase that includes maintaining everything from roads, grounds, equipment, vehicles, production and camp facilities to the maintenance and waste of recycling programs.


Reclamation begins when an Oil Sands project is complete and the site has been decommissioned. Monitoring and maintaining are required to help return the leased land to a self-sustaining ecosystem.

We regularly refer to the trees up to trees up model to simplify our services as they make up all aspects of Acden.

Our name proclaims our identity

In 2012, the organization was rebranded from ACFN Business Group to Acden. The rebranding brought cohesiveness and consistency to the operating companies and introduced a powerful, sophisticated and professional new brand to clients. In keeping with our heritage, the meaning of Acden incorporates Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation and Denesoline, the founding company and First People. 

Acden News & Announcements

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