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The Success of Our Employees

At Acden, we know that our people are our greatest asset.

Without the commitment and dedication of our team members we would never be where we are today. This is why we’ve decided to speak directly with employees to hear more about their experiences at Acden. Next is our conversation with Cheryl – read on to learn more about her career journey.

Full Name: Cheryl Jesso

Starting Position: Evening Shift Janitor at Syncrude

Current Position: Payroll Administrator

When did you start with Acden?: October 23, 2002

What was your career path to get where you are now? My spouse was working as a janitor at Syncrude for over a year before I arrived. I was in Fort McMurray for two weeks when I was hired. I was on nightshift for about a month when a position opened on Team 31 (dayshift). I got it. In 2005, the former payroll administrator was going on maternity leave. Bryn interviewed me for the role and the rest is history.

Can you share your thoughts on Acden as a company, overall? Acden is like family. We help and support each other personally and professionally. We work hard to get the job done and then we get to have fun with our events.

What are the main services offered by your current business unit? I am part of the Finance team. Payroll, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable all support each other.

What is your favorite thing about your role at Acden? I take pride in ensuring that our employees are paid on time and correctly. Sometimes that can be challenging but it’s rewarding to reach the finish line.

Can you share a work-related story or success you have experienced within the company? There are many but my favourite, by far, is how supportive the executive and staff are when we have Run For The Cure fundraisers. My mom passed away at 55 from breast cancer and several years later I became a participant in the annual runs. This will be the 5th year that Acden has had a team. It makes me proud that my coworkers want to be a part of something that is meaningful to me.

Interested in a career with Acden? Check out our Careers Page.

Want to learn more about our service offerings? Please visit our Services Page.

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